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Action Units

Location: Volos, Greece   
Case Study

We refer to "action units" as the array of both private and public activities with spatial properties encountered in a metropolis. These units are situated on slabs, transforming the entire megacity into a form of urban subsoil. The strict demarcation between private and public practices begins to dissolve when the "action units" of the metropolitan populace intermingle in an almost whimsical manner. Activities such as sleeping, eating, cultivating, buying, playing, resting, swimming, watching TV, painting, hugging, bathing, sewing, biking, praying, exercising, planting, sitting, gazing, fighting, walking, and having fun stand side by side. These activities create unusual, and often foreign, combinations that challenge the boundaries between private and public spaces, suggesting new collective modes of coexistence.

Design team: Vasiliki Tzora, Eleana Koumarianou, Avrokomi Zavitsanou

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