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The Ancient Nicopolis

Location: Nicopolis, Greece   
Diploma Thesis

This proposal exposes the symbiotic yet antithetical relationship between archaeological ruins and the agrarian topography, as mediated through the perceptual lens of the tourist or visitor. The ruins, which function as inert repositories of knowledge and historical memory, enter into a dialogic relationship with the adjacent croplands and grazing pastures, themselves living ecosystems embroiled in a continual state of biophysical flux. Conventional methodologies for the curation and dissemination of archaeological artifacts often culminate in a unilateral amplification of the ruins, thereby eliding the antecedent procedures and the hermeneutic richness of the encompassing site or landscape. By pivoting towards an innovative framework for mnemotechnical management and conceiving of both environmental and cultural heritage as dynamic, experiential processes, the study endeavors to elucidate alternative modalities for articulating archaeological and rural narrativizations. The objective is to engender a more nuanced ontological and phenomenological engagement with the site or landscape for the visitor.

Architects: Avrokomi Zavitsanou, Vasiliki Tzora

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