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The Parallelogram House

Location: Patras, Greece
Completed 2023

Situated on a 280-square-meter parallelogram plot in the suburbs of Patras, merely 250 meters from the sea, this residential project illuminates the space between the architecture of suburban living and the exigencies of sustainable design. The building's form is shaped by the unique characteristics of its parallelogram-shaped plot, resulting in a two-level residence that spans 200 square meters.

Rooted in principles of sustainability, this residence incorporates eco-conscious design elements:  photovoltaic installations, strategic orientation, insulation, underfloor heating, vegetative shading, optimal solar penetration, ventilation schemes coalesce to foster a microclimate that is attuned to both seasonal and daily environmental fluctuations.

The architectural syntax extends into a dual-layered spatial organisation. The upper level has been strategically cut out to introduce a courtyard, designed to capture and disperse winter sunlight while facilitating transversal airflow. This architectural gesture engenders a sensorially rich and thermally regulated milieu, in perfect integration with the other inhabiting spaces. The movement within the residence transitions fluidly from public to private domains, undergirding a dialectical interplay between exteriority and interiority. Distinctively absent are the balconies, a common architectural feature in this geographical locale, thereby challenging established paradigms and offering an alternative lexicon of residential design.

Materially, the residence diverges from aesthetic extravagance, opting instead for an ethos of tactile and visual authenticity. The internal floors are covered in terracotta tiles, an unmediated form of clay, while the concrete ceilings are purposefully left untreated to emphasise their inherent texture and character. Natural anodised aluminum features in the openings, aligning with the home's broader commitment to material honesty.

Flanked by gardens on either side of the plot that function as both physical and symbolic extensions of the house, the residence offers a multi-sensorial engagement with the environment, serving as both visual tableau and ecological habitat. On one side of the plot, a small lap pool is designed for wellness activities, reinforcing the home's focus on sustainable and health-centric living. The home's transparent architectural features offer unobstructed views from one garden through the residence to the other, fostering a seamless interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Architects: Avrokomi Zavitsanou, Vasiliki Tzora

Civil Engineers: Daidalos Engineering

MEP Engineer: Daidalos Engineering

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